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                Business philosophy

                Enterprise management

                scientific management, people orientation


                Quality policy

                management reinforcement, customer supreme,

                elaborate operation, credit first, quality basis, sustainable




                Our company lays emphasis on the cultivation of highly-qualified staff team, establishes good enterprise image, and attaches importance to harmonious labor relations and “People-oriented” in enterprise management. We have set up a good mechanism suitable for exertion of various talents. In the mode of “Retain people by career, mechanism and feelings”, our company respects knowledge and talents, and insists on taking the discovery, cultivation and use of excellent talents as the footing of various jobs. Our company union is responsible for cultural construction, to strengthen staff training, set up staff activity places and plan to carry out staff leisure-time activities in various forms, to enable the staff to work honestly, strive to innovate and live in harmony, thus forming a united enterprising and positive working environment.